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The Non Impact Of Wind Turbines On Property Values

More information has come from the authors of a recent wind-turbines-and-property-values study of Massachusetts via a webinar and related Q&A. The answers continue to point to room for additional studies, but reiterate the positive findings: “The results do not support… Read More

Onsite Wind Turbines Power Ohio Honda Plant

In what appears to be the biggest onsite wind power project in the country, Honda has installed two giant turbines at a transmission plant in Russells Point, Ohio. The 1.7-megawatt GE turbines – with 160-foot-long blades and on 260-foot-tall towers … Read More

Can Offshore Wind Turbines Slow Hurricanes?

Giant offshore wind farms could do more than provide electricity for major cities. They could suck the life and the power out of hurricanes barreling toward those cities, too, according to Stanford University research presented Monday at the American Geophysical… Read More

Maine Town Says Ayuh To Wind Turbines

A Maine town has voted to allow the siting of three ginormous wind turbines on private lands on a mountain within the town limits. It’s the second time in the past year in New England that we’ve seen a wind-power… Read More