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las vegas sign solar

A Fabulous Sign Of Las Vegas Going Solar

It’s not really a big deal as far as energy use goes – the sign, famous though it is, is actually of modest stature by local standards, a mere 25 feet tall. But in perpetually glittering Las Vegas, there’s got… Read More
Las Vegas Street Lights

42,000 LED Streetlights Save Las Vegas $2M A Year

Light bulbs seem very insignificant when we’re considering the issues of global climate change. As recent changes in Las Vegas prove, however, even how we choose to illuminate our streets goes a long way toward curbing emissions. Officials recently installed… Read More

City Concept Idea Gives Las Vegas An Eco Makeover

With its nonstop coal-powered nightlife, luxury condos and sprawling suburbs in the desert, Las Vegas is hardly anyone’s idea of a sustainable city. It is, however, a city known for its innovative architecture and “sky is the limit” ambitions, so… Read More

Formula E Electric Racing Car Hits Vegas Strip

With the all-electric Formula E Championship races set to begin later this year, those behind it decided to bring to the Las Vegas based Consumer Electronics Show one of the racing cars which will take part. A Spark-Renault SRT_01E was… Read More

Audi Plug-In Hybrid Concept Shoots Lasers, Sort Of

Much like Ford, Audi is choosing a leading consumer electronics trade event instead of the upcoming Detroit Auto Show to unveil a plug-in hybrid concept. The German automaker will reveal next week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas… Read More