Jimmy Carter Blasts ‘Nutcases’ Who Block Climate Action

Former President Jimmy Carter, in Aspen to receive a lifetime achievement award at the American Renewable Energy Day summit, pointed to “nutcases” who deny climate change,money in political campaigns and a Republican Party bent on blocking anything proposed by President… Read More

How Would an EV Fit Your Commute?

Ever wondered about the cost and viability of an EV (electric vehicle) for your commute? Check out the new Electric Vehicle Explorer tool from UC Davis. You’ll be able to enter specifics about your commute, choose various car options, and… Read More

Top 10 States Leading the U.S. in Solar Energy Growth

While Ohio has disappointingly become the first state to roll back renewable energy mandatesand ALEC continues to attack renewable energy policies to keep America addicted to fossil fuels, there remains plenty of encouraging news on renewable energy growth. Consider this:… Read More

Must-See Video: Arctic Emergency, Scientists Speak

This video provides the best explanation I have ever heard of how increasing carbon in the atmosphere changes the weather. It helped me understand thecarbon-climate connection at an all new level. It also explains why the release of arctic methane … Read More

4 Pathways to Our Climate Future—Which Will We Choose?

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s Fifth Assessment Report, we are approaching dangerous territory because of climate change. All areas of the world have already experienced effects of global temperatures rising, from extreme weather events to record… Read More

Impacts of Plastic Pollution on Marine Life

The revolution of plastic in the fishing industry has fed billions, but left a paucity of life in the oceans and more suffering than we understand. A lost nylon fishing net or tangled mass of hook and line does not… Read More