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obama energy review

Obama Review Promises New Energy Blueprint

On the day that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said he was sorry, really sorry, this didn’t get a whole lot of attention. And maybe in the end it won’t deserve much. But President Obama’s formal establishment on Thursday of… Read More

Research Shakes Up Earthquake-Energy Connection

The link between geothermal power production and earthquakes is one long since established, but new research is providing fresh insight into how Earth responds to this and other sorts of poking around underground that we do. Most notable, perhaps, is… Read More
army renewable energy $7 billion

US Army Rolling Out $7B Renewable Energy Buy

It’s not like the U.S. Army has been standing still on renewable energy. Not at all. Energy performance savings contracts (which pay the developer through savings that flow from projects) have driven projects at bases from Texas to Puerto Rico… Read More
Washington, D.C., may be the home of gridlock, but it's greener than you think. Image by YoTuT via Flickr.

D.C. Adds Green Cred With High Energy Star Rank

Washington, D.C., is a town that practically invented the term “gridlock,” and it has been demonstrating this concept 24/7 for decades. Scratch below the political veneer on its surface, however, and the District of Columbia, reveals itself to be one… Read More
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Solar Power Rocked The American Energy House In 2012

Generation of electricity from solar power systems rose dramatically in the United States last year, rocketing up from 1,818 gigawatt-hours in 2011 to 4,342 GWh in 2012, according to the government’s energy-number crunchers. To put that in some perspective: The… Read More

EnergySage Aims To Be The Kayak Of Solar

If you use Kayak to hunt down the cheapest airfares, then it won’t be hard for you to grasp what EnergySage wants to bring to the solar PV market. The company, which got a half-million bucks from the Obama administration… Read More
wind energy deaths

Wind Energy-Related Deaths: How Common Are They?

How dangerous is the development, operation and maintenance of the infrastructure for energy production from wind, with its massive equipment, the machinery that it takes to install towers and turbines and the frightening heights involved? The question arises with the… Read More
wave energy device test, ocean sentinel, oregon

Wave Energy Devices Put To Test In Oregon

It’s not grid-connected – that type of test center, considered vital to commercializing wave energy, is still in the development stages – but the Pacific Northwest now has a place for companies and scientists to put new wave power devices… Read More