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solar eclipse street light

Solar-Powered Moonrise: A Streetlight Concept

Traditional streetlights spend all day doing nothing. Not until the sun begins to set, does a preset timer cause their inefficient bulbs to flicker on, illuminating the ground below until morning. Since electricity is costly and these lamps are exposed… Read More
Philips SolarGen2

Solar Streetlights Generate Grid Juice

The world’s most efficient and cost effective solar powered LED street light? That’s what Philips believes it has developed in the Solar Gen2. Developed in conjunction with NXP Semiconductors, this new solar street light allows for a lamp post spacing… Read More
SavWatt Eco-Pole

Wind-Solar Combo Light Challenges All-Solar

SavWatt, the company that makes an LED street light that combines wind and solar power, is kicking a little sand in the face of a competitor. The company put out word that one of its Eco-Pole units will be installed… Read More
Flower Solar Streetlight

Solar Streetlights Follow the Sun

We’ve covered some solar streetlights before, but this one’s got a unique twist: like the the sunflower,  the Flower Solar Street Lamp by designer Luis MRPS of Portugal follows the sun in its arc across the sky. In this way,… Read More