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So-fi M Azzurro bag

Stylish Solar Bag Wins Top Design Award

Finding new, practical ways to integrate renewable energy technologies into our daily lives is key to creating a sustainable future. While wind turbines and rooftop solar panels are a great way to reduce fossil fuel emissions, these technologies are too… Read More
Piggyback Solar-Powered Gadget Bag

That’s One Big Solar Panel On Your Back

Casing out a solar bag for one of the green tech enthusiasts on your holiday list this year? Consider the Piggyback Solar-Powered Gadget bag from ThinkGeek (which comes to us via Red Ferret), designed to strap over an existing bag,… Read More

Stick It Brings Solar, Fashion Together

One inventive designer is hoping to not only use the sun’s energy to charge your everyday electronics and appliances, but is doing it in a most fashion-forward sort of way.  Jamie Yeo, a graduate of Temasek Polytechnic, has come up… Read More
Mini L Solarbag from Element5

This Swiss Solarbag Loves Your iPad

You love your iPad; that’s only natural. You feel the urge to take it with you, to protect it from harm – and, of course, to feed it a healthy diet of renewable energy. As a consequence, the Mini L… Read More
Solar Golf Bag

Solar Golf Bags Charge Your Portables

Summer’s here, and the time is right for…solar powered golfing, of course. These two models will schlep your golf balls and clubs, of course, like any other bag, but they also come with a variety of pockets for all your… Read More
Diffus Solar Handbag

Solar Power Handbag Makes An Eco Statement

If you’re not the type to rock a purse made of recycled bottle caps or gum wrappers, never fear. There is a luxury eco-friendly handbag option, with as much focus on aesthetics as ethics–and, as an added bonus, as much… Read More
Solar-powered tablet carrying case, Eclipse Solar Gear

Making The Solar Case For Tablets

Downsizing the solar bag to fit evolving needs, Eclipse Solar Gear is out with a padded, tablet-sized case equipped with a flexible thin-film solar panel that the company said will provide up to 4 watts of power to recharge your… Read More