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ZenTreks Endura backpack

Solar Backpacks Can Take A Licking, Startup Says

There’s a new, solar-powered backpack in town, and it’s called the ZenTrek. Offered in three models—the slimline Xplorer, the full-sized Instinct and the hybrid Endura—the ZenTreks line of rugged solar-powered backpacks promises to provide energy-on-the-go for your electronics, and the… Read More
solar backpack laptop charger, Voltaic

Voltaic Solar Bags Power Up For Laptops

The solar bag company Voltaic – whose gadget-powering bags we detailed last year – has stepped up its game, and is now offering a couple of new products the deliver enough juice to charge laptops. The Array Solar Backpack and… Read More
Eclipse Solar Backpack

One Tough, American-Made Solar Backpack

In the market for a solar backpack? Consider the new Solar Backpack from Eclipse Solar Gear of Round Rock, Texas: made in the good old U.S. of A., these bags are built to military specifications and look pretty tough (especially… Read More
Solar Backpack

A New Solar Backpack From…Ralph Lauren?

It’s been a while since we’ve seen solar technology and high-fashion merged successfully. It was just under a year ago that we took a look at some solar handbags designed by the likes of Tommy Hilfiger and Diane Van Furstenburg… Read More
Androcell backpack

Concept Solar Bag Replaces Your Laptop

The backpack of the future may not just carry and/or power your laptop and MP3 player, etc.–it may actually be these things, and more. The Androcell backpack concept by Karan Singh Gandhi (which comes to us via Yanko Design) is… Read More
Voltaic Offgrid

Voltaic Updates Popular Solar Backpacks

Solar bag company Voltaic, which just a few weeks ago unveiled some new solar powered products, announced recently as well a revamping of its solar backpack models. The old Backpack and Converter bags are now the new Offgrid and Converter… Read More
Seiz U01

New Solar Urban Backpack Debuts

Seiz Apparel, a Spanish company focused on developed a better urban backpack, believes that one option those wanting such a backpack might also desire is clean, portable energy. To that end it has unveiled the Seiz U01 Solar Backpack, which… Read More