Smartphones and tablets may be in vogue, but there are still millions of us who do most of our surfing on an old school computer. When using a desktop or laptop, navigating the Web is easier with the aid of a mouse. In the early days, mice were big and bulky, with messy wires that connected them to the computer.

Wireless mice make it much easier to compute no matter where you are, but their fading batteries cause yet another wasteful problem. That’s why the folks at Bondidea thought up this adorable solar-powered mouse. If it catches on, it could signal a shift in the way we use and power our computer peripherals.

Image via Bondidea

First the cool stuff: the Bondidea mouse is dual-powered by either battery or the sun via a small solar panel on its surface. As pointed out in this review, it takes only a single AAA battery which the company claims will last for years if offset by enough solar power. The device’s AVAGO high speed laser engine provides precise selections and smooth operation, while the DPI changing button lets you switch the mouse resolution easily. This all comes wrapped in an compact, ergonomic shell that fits easily in either hand.

Now for the tiny critique: positioning the solar panel on the area of the mouse that’s almost always covered by your hand seems impractical, although I don’t really see where else they could put it. Also, the company’s description provides no information as to whether the mouse can charge on artificial light or only direct, natural sunlight. If it’s only natural sunlight, it’s hard to see how this will be an attractive option for those who spend most of their work time in a cubical, illuminated by fluorescent lights.

At any rate, the Bondidea solar-powered mouse is compatible with Mac, Linux and PC and available for $36.00. If you try it, be sure to let us know what you think!

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