The concept of public art is nothing new. But what about solar powered public art? Solar Artworks, lead by Spaniard Nacho Zamora, combines art, architecture, design and science to showcase solar artwork around the world. recently stumbled upon one of Solar Artworks’ installations.

According to Solar Artwork’s website, the goal of the art installations is simple – to show how to make cities more sustainable through solar power. The art featured as part of the collaboration brings together designers from multiple backgrounds to showcase work from around the world.  The website calls for collaboration from artists and designers throughout the world to create their own solar art shows.

Via Solar Artworks

Night Garden by O*GE Architects is just one of Solar Artworks’ projects. It was featured at a festival in Israel in 2009, and designers said that the art “changed the city place where it was located, bringing citizens the possibility to enjoy an innovative artistic experience, and showing them that renewable energies can contribute to create attractive urban landscapes.”

Another art installation, Sonumbra, was created by Loop.pH, from the United Kingdom.  The group created a complex form of textile with integrated solar cells. “This work goes beyond the relationship between people and the sculpture, “said the designer, “using an advanced movement detection technology that can feel the presence of people and respond to them with a spectacle of light and sound.”

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