Get rid of your extension cords and batteries, or at least a few of them. A Pennsylvania entrepreneur has invented the first window candle  powered completely by solar energy. The Illum-A-Window uses LED bulbs and technology to capture solar power as its only energy source.

It took inventor Stuart Allen 18 months of research before coming up with the design for a solar window light that mimics the popular electric window lights seen at Christmas time. Exposing the light’s solar panel to bright sunlight during the day renews the battery for use at night. When the sun goes down, the light automatically lights up, without electric energy or use of an electric outlet.


Allen came up with the idea after seeing a friend use countless extension cords to power electric candles in her windows, not wanting to change endless number of batteries. The Illum-A-Window is slim and blinds or drapes can be closed around it without danger. LED bulbs don’t get hot, so there is no risk of fire if curtains touch the candles.

The design allows for 90 percent of the light produced to face out the front of the unit. The Illum-A-Window is currently available for sale on eBay for $8.89.

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