Coca Cola isn’t exactly a name which rolls off of the tongue when one thinks about green technology. The last time we reported on them related to cleantech was 2009, when the global soft drink company was test piloting fuel cell vehicles in California. Coke is back on our radar though via news out of India of a solar powered soft drink chest cooler.

The Times of India reports Coca Cola India engineers, working with folks from GM Technical, developed what is called the eKOCool. This device, developed for what looks to be rural markets, is powered entirely off of solar energy and has enough capacity to store two crates of bottled soda. It is also apparently designed to generate enough juice for powering one’s home as well.

image via Coca Cola

The Coke developed solar cooler reportedly has helped drive sales in a test pilot project completed recently. The solar powered storage containers replaced the typical rural store installation of ice boxes with little actual ice in them, often due to lack of electrical infrastructure being available to power ice makers.

Coca Cola India representatives told the paper they are seeing interest from other parts of the world for their solar powered machine.

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