We got our first peek at a new line-up of solar charging cases from Voltaic earlier this year at CES. At the time, it was estimated that the company’s  new gear would be available in the spring. Technically Voltaic is a few late with its announcement, since summer officially began on Tuesday, but based on some of the specs we’re seeing here, we’ll cut ’em some slack.

Jokes aside, the new Spark Solar Tablet Case and V39 USB Battery look pretty slick. The Spark tablet case is designed around the heavier power needs of the iPad. Whereas most portable solar chargers integrated into bags and backpacks generate around four watts on average, Voltaic says the four panels built into its new tablet case can crank out eight watts.  The company says it is getting about one hour of video playback on an iPad for every hour the case spends in direct sunlight. With power levels like that, not only will iPads charge more efficiently, but the the solar panels will charge its battery more quickly, allowing for enough power to charge several devices while away from a power outlet.

Voltaic Solar Charging Tablet Case and USB Battery
image via Voltaic

Speaking of batteries, the Spark tablet case comes with Voltaic’s new V39 USB battery, which is also available on its own. The company says the 39 watt-hour battery comes with two USB ports: a high powered port for charging iPads and other tablets, and a lower powered port for charging phones and other mobile devices. The battery is flat, like a tablet, and appears to integrate nicely into the Spark tablet case.

The Spark case is available in black or silver for about $299.00, whereas the standalone version of the V39 battery will run about $99.00. The Spark solar case will of course store and charge other tablets brands. Voltaic indicates that its new device will charge up the  Playbook, Galaxy Tab, eee Transformer and the T-Mobile Slate just fine.

Also of interest is the availability of a circuit box that allows DIY-ers to connect several of Voltaic’s solar panels in various combinations for up to eight watts worth of solar power that can be integrated into just about anything one can imagine.

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