Designboom and Fujitsu have partnered for a product competition called “A Life with Future Computing” that comes with a grand prize of over $40,000. The contest is broken into two categories, one which asks designers to imagine what computers will look like in 2013, and one in which designers must think about what devices will look like in 2020.

One finalist in the former category is being hailed for its unique design that incorporates a phone, tablet, and removable hard drive into a single laptop docking unit. Imagined by a René Lee, the concept product is being called “Bento” and features a solar charged lithium-ion battery.

image via Designboom

The laptop is equipped with a 15″ OLED screen and has a base where a 4″ phone, 11″ tablet, and 1TB SSD drive can be docked for charging and use within the laptop system. The devices can be synched wirelessly to be used as a network, or as individual units.

Admittedly, the concept around having all of your content devices able to work together or separately is a great idea. Using a smaller device like a phone or tablet can use less energy than a full laptop system. That said, in the mock-up image above, the solar powered battery seems rather small, and it’s doubtful such a tiny surface area would be able to soak up enough rays to power the entire computing package. Still, the designer notes that the battery can be upgraded or changed out as needed, so perhaps it’s not as much of an issue as we believe.

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