It’s called the Open Source Washing Machine–not because it’s composed of virtual code designers can fiddle with, but because it’s made of stuff that’s easy to find, in, say, the Sahara.

Greenlaunches reports that this machine is the brainchild of 2nd year École Supérieure d’Art d’Aix-en-Provence art students in France. Dubbed the Open Source Washing Machine, it makes use of a solar panel, bamboo, old bicycle parts, and a motor from an old photocopier. It was created in response to a design challenge at school: create a washing machine using only materials available in the Sahara.

image via Openmaterials

While the Open Source Washing Machine doesn’t seem like it’s going to take the African desert by storm any time soon, the DIY spirit of the endeavor is commendable. What if, in the future, there were a database of simple projects like this available online that could help benevolent hackers everywhere make new use of old stuff to accomplish everyday tasks? Now that would be an open source solution (to recycling).

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