What is a solar tower you ask? Greenlaunches reports that it’s a structure that combines the power of both solar and wind–also known as solar updraft technology–to generate as much energy as possible, and it’s coming soon to Buronga, in the Wentworth Shire of New South Wales, Australia.

According to Enviromission, the company behind the Solar Tower, the structure generates energy by using the sun’s radiation to heat a large body of air stored under a large collector zone. Since hot air rises, it’s forced by physics to move as a hot wind through a shaft lined with large turbines, which generate electricity. The Solar Tower project was awarded Major Project Facilitation status from the Australian government, in recognition of its contribution to government goals in reducing greenhouse gases.

image via Greenlaunches

But Enviromission’s mission, so to speak, doesn’t seem limited to Australia. In June of last year, the company  filed two land applications in the US for two Solar Tower power station developments, now formally earmarked for the Grand Canyon State–each totaling 5,500 acres, each suitable for the development of a 200MW Solar Tower power station.

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