The sun may be far, far away, but a new eco-clothing concept from Yiran Qian of Germany aims to keep the heat of the sun close to your body. By using thin, flexible solar panels embedded in the fabric, the “Endless Warm” design turns your basic hat and glove combo into a solar version of an electric blanket, perfect for cold, sunny days.

The Endless Warm concept design makes use of ultra thin solar panels incorporated into a series of distinctive black snowflake designs, which then channel warmth into the fibers of the knit hat and gloves, keeping your head and fingers toasty.  The solar hat and gloves add warmth, presumably, without a whole lot of bulk, adding to the fashion appeal.

image via Inhabit
image via Inhabit

On the subject of Endless Warm, in a statement, the designer waxes poetic:  “The sun is so far, the sun is so close.” Now, if only this great solar concept were close to production…

Endless Warm [via Inhabitat]

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