For everyone who loves the great outdoors but chafes beneath the indignities of camping, there’s now a green alternative to the RV–at least in theory. The C3 Hotel Cube is a new concept by designers Jianbo Huang & Ting Zhao that shrinks the RV down to its essential components (the bed and the bathroom) in the form of a solar-powered camper trailer.

Here’s how the the concept works: you, the customer, rent the C3 Hotel Cube at a service center, like checking into a hotel. The service center cleans the Cube and outfits it with cleaning supplies before you hitch the Cube to your car or truck and hit the road. Once you find your campsite of choice, you might want to lay down for a nap–since (according to the concept product page) the large shift gate, glass and transparent solar panels give the small cube a breezy “at one with nature” sort of effect. Later, you might want to pop out the retractable awning and set up a barbecue for you and all your friends–knowing that tomorrow, when you head back to your friendly Hotel Cube Service Center, all the waste and garbage generated on-site be conveniently disposed of for you.

image via Yanko Design
image via Yanko Design

The C3 Hotel Cube concept makes use of color-changing transparent solar panels to protect against harsh sunlight and provide privacy while powering the waterless toilet and basic refrigerator/cooker, as well as a special Guide Terminal that would let you know where you’re going and advise you of any inclement weather you might face. The designers conceived of the C3 Hotel Cube as a means by which to “provide short-distance travelers [with] a portable habitat close to nature, as convenient and comfortable as a hotel,” according to the concept product page.

C3 Hotel Cube

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