Theft is a potential issue anyone who owns anything always faces the remote chance of. This seems to be extending as well these days into the green economy, especially in regards to the disturbing trend of disappearing solar panels. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal even highlights this issue, including pointing out the rather expensive costs it takes to replace them. Security systems definitely can play into preventing these thefts, with the good old inventors over at EarthSure cranking out their own version of such a system.

EarthSure recently began showing off its S.AS solar alarm system concept. In its design, the S.AS consists of “magnetic switching devices embedded within the side walls of the solar panels that trip an alarm system whenever a solar panel gets moved or lifted.” It can be installed with existing solar systems or new ones, and EarthSure feels that soon “solar panels will also come equipped with alarm systems right from the initial installation.”

image via EarthSure
image via EarthSure

“If you would put an alarm on a $20,000 car,” said Ray Saluccio, CEO of EarthSure, in a statement, “why wouldn’t you put an alarm on a solar panel investment of $40,000? It’s sad that these ‘green thieves’ are taking equipment that is helping the environment.”

EarthSure S.AS [via press release]

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