Italian Solar Racer With Ferrari Love Readies For Australia

Another day, another World Solar Challenge entry to talk about. This time we turn attention to Italy, where team Onda Solare from the University of Bologna and IPSIA Ferrari, a technical school in Maranello, have unveiled Emilia III. The solar powered racer was showcased at the Ferrari museum in the same city as the school bearing the fabled supercar manufacturer name.

Emilia III is said to be the third go around for the team and was developed via intense work from teachers, students and young researchers at the schools. As with other entries we’ve seen, those involved aim to create vehicles which are the cream of the crop when it comes to means of transport with zero emission. With this Italian entry as well came support from “numerous companies from the region with innovative and avant-garde components.”

image via Onda Solare

image via Onda Solare

The car is made from carbon fiber and composite material, weighing around 180 kg (396.8 pounds) and being designed to be capable of covering the race course of 3,000 km (1864 miles) under solar energy. To help it in achieving this driving goal it is covered in 391 solar photovoltaic cells.

Three drivers and 20 members of Onda Solare will travel with the car to Australia for the Challenge in October. Previous attempts in this race have returned what’s termed “good results,” and it is hoped by those involved new technology being introduced on this car will gain it an even better performance this time around.

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