Zendulum A Solar Powered Gadget Of Meditation Goodness

There’s something serene about the solar powered gizmo known as the Zendulum Solar Powered “Pendulum” Kit currently for sale through ThinkGeek. Much like the pendulum ball desktop models you set into motion by letting one of the balls manually move side by side, the notion here with this gadget is similar, only this time around it is fueled by the light around you and a powerful magnet.

The Zendulum, pricing around $40, requires a little bit of DIY work to put together. Once that’s complete, what you have is a device equipped with a little solar cell which turns light into power stored in its capacitors. A magnetic ball passes between capacitors and, as it does, the reaction causes a discharge of energy which pushes the ball towards the other side of the rail. This process looks like it continues infinitely, or at least as long as there is an energy source available (USB can also be used if solar isn’t present).

Zendulum (image via ThinkGeek)

Zendulum (image via ThinkGeek)

Features of this little solar Zen gadget include solar cell positioning so you can get maximum light, a USB port, optional LED lighting for special effects and little cutouts to make the Zendulum more fancy looking. There are also a few safety warnings with this, including noting the ball is a powerful magnet which should not be swallowed and, since this kit requires some soldering, that it should be put together by those who are at least 17 years of age.

Tools to put it together, by the way, are not included, so make sure you have access to a soldering kit before you buy this.

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