India Electric Car Market Gets Set For Solar Powered e20

Mahindra Reva, the Indian company formed when the giant Mahindra group gobbled up Reva Electric Car Company a few years back, recently made a splash in its nation when it unveiled its next generation electric vehicle known as e20. It will be produced at a very green auto manufacturing plant that opened in Bangalore last August.

The all-electric e20, according to Mahindra Reva [PDF], will offer up a driving range around 60 miles, or 100 km, which should be adequate for most daily driving needs. It will be able to charge like most other EVs from a home outlet or faster charging level technologies and, Business Insider reports, will also be able to be charged from the power of the sun via being parked under an array of small solar panels.

image via Mahindra Reva

image via Mahindra Reva

The vehicle, which is pronounced ‘ee-too-oh’, is a four seater design and follows on the heels of other Reva electric cars produced from 2001 going forward. It is said Mahindra Reva now has one of the world’s largest fleets of in use electric vehicles, with drivers in 24 countries having logged over 136 million miles, or 220 million km, since inception.

When the e20 hits the India market it will have its work cut out for it. As our partner Green Car Reports previously talked about, electric cars in this populous nation enter into an environment where air pollution is a major issue in some areas, with many of the internal combustion vehicles  having old, inefficient and dirty designs. Many of these are also particulate-belching diesels, as the fuel is cheaper than gasoline and easier to find.

There’s scant more details available on the vehicle at this point, including when it will go into retail and what it will cost. As for it coming to the United States, that’s very unlikely.

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