Girls From Yemen Bring Solar Power To Light

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A group of Yemeni high school girls have created a suite of solar-powered gadgets to help illuminate their country’s post-revolution darkness. When the first revolutions began to sweep through the Arab world, we were all so hopeful about the changes to follow. So hopeful, we called this time the “Arab Spring.” But for people living in Yemen, hope was almost completely extinguished with the lights.

Wafi Al-Rimi told Al Monitor that there were times when the capital, Sanaa, only had electricity for one hour a day, which made studying for exams tricky. So she and her all-girl posse developed low cost solar-powered solutions with help from an entrepreneurship program offered through their school by the non profit INJAZ Yemen, an offshoot of the Colorado-based business education program Junior Achievement Worldwide. They even started a company!


Just 16 years old, Al-Rimi is now the CEO of a company called Creative Generation that makes relatively low cost gadgets that are powered by the sun. Among them are an umbrella fitted with solar power, batteries, light bulb and a USB port.

This mini study portal can run for up to twelve hours on stored energy.

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