Solar-Powered Desk Lets Your Work Go Off Grid With You

Laptops and personal WiFi hotspots have given rise to a new breed of professional: the mobile worker. We scoff at the corner office, turn our nose up at the cubicle. All we need to be productive is a power source and an internet connection, so why would we spend our days cooped up inside?

Even the most adventurous mobile worker has her limits, however. At some point, the signal gets too week, or the solar-powered battery comes up empty, and we have to return to civilization to recharge. Or do we? A new offering from Kanz Outdoors pushes the limit of just how mobile the mobile workforce can be. Want to go on a mid-week backpacking trip but don’t want to miss that important email? The Kanz Field Power Desk can make it happen.


Image via Kanz Outdoor

Built to require no more space than the standard field kitchen, the Field Power Desk features high efficiency Lithium Iron batteries, solar panels and a flexible desktop light. There’s a dedicated charging drawer, complete with 12V and 5V outlets, so you can power your gadgets without losing valuable desk space. According to the company, 6 hours in the sun fully recharges the power pack, and at just 37 pounds, it’s the lightest power desk of its kind.

The Baltic birch interior is encased in a marine grade aluminum housing and powder coated end cups provide extra protection from moisture and dust. And if you need more than just power, the optional Satellite Broadband Internet IP terminal offers connection speeds of up to 464 kilobits per second and built-in multi-user Wi-Fi access, all while fitting seamlessly into the Field Power Desk’s framework.

Available from $1,995

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