Solar iPad Case Claims Days Of Free Power

Now that you’ve gotten over the initial elation of owning a next-generation iPad (or watched your friends get over it), it’s time to start considering the really important questions. Like how you’re going to keep it powered up all day, and prevent scratches and fingerprints from ruining its sleek exterior.

We’ve featured lots of solar chargers that can provid a power boost when you’re in an outlet desert. We’ve also featured a lot of nifty cases made from sustainable materials that can protect your tablet without adding extra bulk. But an accessory that is all of these things at once? That’s the principal behind the KudoCase, a new product from Wireless NRG.


image via KudoCase

Made of a hard, biodegradable corn-based plastic, the KudoCase incorporates solar technology capable of converting both indoor and outdoor light into energy to charge the iPad. According to the company, using the case on a daily basis could extend the iPad’s battery charge by up to 10 days. Unlike some systems that require separate solar collection panels and battery packs, the KudoCase is all inclusive, constantly storing energy and automatically charging the iPad day or night.

The case also offers a built-in HDMI adapter. This means all you have to do is connect the case to any standard HDMI capable TV or projector and immediately watch YouTube, Movies, KeyNote presentations and more directly off your iPad. Since iPad’s wearing the KudoCase will essentially be tiny power plants, the creators included a USB port that will allow you to send life-saving juice to your dying camera, headset, or smart phone.

And as pointed out in this review, the case also features a whistle locator that beeps when you whistle so you don’t have to search too long when you can’t remember where you put it. Currently available only in black, but will soon come in gray, green, pink and blue for $189.95.

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    Will the ipad be protected from excess heat generated my leaving it out in the sun?

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      by* leaving

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