Solar/Wind Lighting Combo Pitches The Oil Patch

Oil industry executives attending the 2012 East Texas Oilfield Expo this week are getting the chance to view a rather unusual exhibitor. Progress Solar Solutions is on hand, demonstrating how its solar/wind light tower can help cut costs and reduce emissions at oil field operations.

You might think, as I did, that pitching solar and wind-powered technology to the oil industry would be an uphill battle, but there are some very compelling reasons why these dual-powered lighting installations would be perfect for the 24-hour a day, often remote, toiling of the average roughneck.

Progress Solar Light Tower

image via Progress Solar

As we detailed in an earlier story, the Progress Solar/Wind Light Tower (SLTW-1200) resembles a traditional portable diesel light tower but is powered by free, renewable energy instead of diesel fuel and can meet the demands of construction, disaster relief, and yes, oil field operations that need light in harsh conditions.

With a combination of high efficiency solar panels and a New Wind Generator positioned on a telescoping mast, the tower provides high-intensity, bright, LED white light without the need for fossil fuels. The large battery banks store power for several nights of lighting to allow use during cloudy days or inclement weather. The lights can be turned on/off automatically from a timer, at user-programmable time intervals or manually on-demand. And unlike its dirtier, more expensive diesel-powered cousin, the Progress Solar/Wind Light Tower claims to be quiet and easy to move.

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    Solar and wind are the fossil fuel industry.  They are simply an extension of a massive infrastructure of the fossil fuel supply system and industrial mining supported by fossil fuels with coincident environmental degradation.  A story in pictures and diagrams:

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