Solar Power Turns The Gears For Magical Rainbows

What do you get somebody who has absolutely everything? A solar-powered rainbow maker will fill the bill, delivering unexpected delight and loads of quiet fun. But don’t let the kid-toy tag fool you. This clever device, which we caught sight of on IGreenSpot, will delight jaded grownups, grumpy grandpas and fussy felines in equal measure.

Unlike an Irish rainbow, Kikkerland’s solar-powered rainbow maker doesn’t need a leprechaun or a pot of gold. Instead, it uses a genuine Swarovski crystal to create prisms of beautifully-colored light that splash around your room with delightful abandon. And the mechanism—a carefully crafted conglomeration of colored gears that rotate the crystal (via solar power) to give your room all the magic of refracted spectra of light—is equally as pleasing.

solar rainbow

image via Kikkerland

With its own suction cup and wire hanger for mounting in a sunny window, the rainbow maker from Kikkerland, at a miserly $19.95—from Amazon; you might have heard of it—is a bit of whimsy that you can even give to yourself without feeling guilty or spendthrifty. Nor is there any worry about dirty energy. The solar power provides a truly “green” energy that would appeal to any leprechaun worth his salt (or is that gold?). In fact, the rainbow maker is fully as green as the solar sunflower we recently covered, and as much fun as the wind-powered LED lamp called the Firewinder.

Of course, even leprechauns know that Swarovski crystal isn’t really crystal, but a type of glass produced by Swarovski AG of Wattens, Austria. That fact doesn’t take an iota of enchantment from your rainbow maker. What will rob it of its spellbinding charm is putting it in a window that gets less than full sunlight, because the solar panel can’t generate enough power to turn the gears that turn the crystal. In the right spot, however, Kikkerland’s solar-powered rainbow maker may take you back to your prom days, or even farther back to the magic of childhood. For those who take their rainbows with a grain of salt, like me, watching the gears spin is also a pleasant way to waste an hour.

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    It is such a simple idea that harnesses the energy of the sun to create something much more beautiful. We’re certain that this product will be adored by children and adults alike. 

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