An Array Of Solar Incentives Shine On Minnesotans

If you are a customer of Minnesota Power and have been toying with the idea of installing a solar energy system in your home or business, newly announced incentives could just convince you to take the plunge. Minnesota Power has updated its SolarSense program [PDF], aiming to make it more affordable for individuals and businesses to make use of both solar electric heating and solar thermal water heating.

The newly updated program includes an array of solar incentives and rebates targeting energy savings, while at the same time, promoting local solar manufacturers. Residents and business owners who install solar energy systems could be provided a base rebate starting at as much as $2,000 per kilowatt produced, according to the utility company, as well as rewarding those who chose to buy equipment or systems that have been manufactured in the state.

image via Shutterstock

Altogether, the new incentives and base rates could add to as much as $4,750 per kilowatt for qualifying solar projects. So, for example,a homeowner who decides to install a 5 kilowatt solar system for their home, could qualify for more than $20,000 in rebates and incentives. And, it’s not just customers are that are being helped by the incentives.

“Minnesota Power has a long-standing history of encouraging the adoption of renewable energy options such as solar electric systems,” Tina Koecher, manager of energy efficiency, Minnesota Power said in a statement. If you are one of Minnesota Power’s more than 144,000 customers who is interested in solar power incentives, go visit SolarSense.

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