Thin Film Solar Trickles Your Energy Fancy

Worried about draining the battery of your ATV or RV as you store it away for the season? Now there’s a new solution for keeping vehicle batteries charged, courtesy of 100 percent solar energy, the SUNfilm Solar Battery Charger from Carmanah Technologies Corporation, part of a line of chargers developed for the company’s Go Power! brand.

Available as a 1.5 watt, 5 watt or 15 watt module, these solar chargers make use of thin film solar technology to trickle-charge all battery types, including 12V deep cycle, automotive, motorized sports vehicles, RV and fleet vehicle batteries. Each includes quick-connect accessories designed for easy installation and — as an added bonus — can be modified into portable charging stations for mobile electronic devices such as cellphones and mp3 players.

SUNfilm Solar Battery Chargers

image via Carmanah Technologies

Designed to operate either on the exterior of a vehicle or inside, on its dashboard, the SUNfilm chargers will kick out juice for your application in overcast conditions as well as on sunny days.  A built-in diode (5W and 15W) prevents reverse charging when connected to the vehicle battery.

The chargers work with small electronic devices via an adaptor (included), and are available throughout the US and Canada.

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