Talk, Tweet And Surf On Solar, Stylishly

With the iPhone 4, you can enjoy some FaceTime with friends, snatch up a deal on Gilt Groupe, shoot the next YouTube viral sensation in HD, and tweet to your hearts content. But all that activity asks a lot of your phone’s battery, which might not last as long as you’d like. Enter Monster Watts, which has developed the slim case prototype, a hybrid solar battery case that lets you charge your phone anywhere there’s sunlight – so you can play Angry Birds without harming the environment for real birds.

Solar phone chargers are not a new idea, but ones that keep Apple’s design integrity are rare. The Monster Watt solar charger was designed with a thinner 2400 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery and larger solar panel so that your phone doesn’t become a throwback to the cell phones of the 90s. The slim case charger comes in both black and white to match your phone and you can choose from six bright color bumpers that wrap around the phone edges for a little flair.

Monster Watts Solar Charger

image via Monster Watts

Once you put the case on your phone, you still get access to the built-in micro USB port so you don’t have to take the cover off to sync or charge the phone via a computer, home, or car charger.

Monster Watts has a working prototype and manufacturer to make their design, but is fundraising via Kickstarter to raise $15,000 by January 19, 2012, to create a mold and fund initial production. The chargers will sell for $118 at retail, but Kickstarter supporters get a slim case charger and two bumpers for an $80 pledge. If all goes according to plan, you can look for the Monster Watts slim case chargers in March 2012.

Angeli Duffin is a Midwest transplant currently living in San Francisco, CA. Kicking off her career doing product design and development with Fair Trade artisans around the world, she then moved on to the editorial side, writing for eBay’s Green Team blog and working as a marketing consultant for social and environmentally minded companies

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