Somfy Introduces Solar-Powered Shading

By Steven Castle, GreenTech Advocates

We know that motorized shades and other window treatments can be used to let the sun in or block it to warm or cool rooms and save on the energy costs. Now the sun can also be used to power the window treatment motors.

Motorized window treatment motor company Somfy Systems has introduced the WireFree Solar Pack that used renewable solar energy to prolong battery life for all WireFree motorized window coverings. It is available now for $220.

image via Somfy

Compatible with all WireFree motors, each WireFree Solar Pack kit includes a photovoltaic panel (PV), ‘Y’ harness connector and Ni-MH rechargeable battery and battery tube.

Photovoltaics produce solar energy by converting solar radiation (sunlight) into direct electricity. The WireFree Solar Pack’s PV panel is mounted on the inside of the window opening and converts the sun’s light into electrical energy. The harnessed electrical energy is stored within a special rechargeable (Ni-MH) battery that powers any Somfy WireFree motorized window covering.

The energy-saving technology provides users with a convenient and cost-effective way to control motorized window coverings in the home or office. In addition, the solar panel technology is ideal for hard-to-reach battery tubes, such as second story windows where battery replacement can be challenging.

“The use of renewable solar energy brings us to the forefront in advanced motorized window covering technology,” said Somfy North America Applications Manager Brent Holup. “The WireFree Solar Pack will contribute to our environment while creating a positive experience for our customers.”

Somfy is also introducing its TaHomA wireless system that integrates control of motorized window treatments, lighting and HVAC so the control of one system can have energy-saving effects on the other.

Editor’s Note: This news story comes to us as a cross post courtesy of GreenTech Advocates. Author credit for the post goes to Steven Castle.

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