Solar Power Aids Raceway’s Energy Needs

The famed Infineon Raceway in California recently partnered with Panasonic‘s Sanyo division to unveil the successful installation of solar panels and a full-color, dual-sided LED video board that the raceway hopes will give it some extra green savings as well as a little bit of green PR.

    The raceway features 1,652 solar panels “above the Turn 10 Sound Wall, the Main Grandstand, the administration office and the Raceway Cafe, as well as the Jim Russell Racing Drivers School building.” They are reportedly enough to power around 41 percent of the raceway’s electrical needs, supplying 353 kW of power and saving 34,000 barrels of oil over 30 years.

    Infineon Raceway

    image via Infineon Raceway

    In conjunction with the solar panels being installed, Infineon has also replaced its Highway 37 board with a LED board that consumes 50 percent less energy than the original. The board measures 5.77’ high by 17.32’ wide, and uses 57,600 energy efficient LEDs to create bright messages that can be seen from the highway.

    Infineon also said it had a bunch of other eco focused initiatives underway at its raceway. The one non-green tech one we were most amused by was the use of 3,000 sheep to trim the grass around the track and grounds. Perhaps someday Infineon will try to race those in addition to the cars that zoom around the track?

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