Solar Energy Powers Denver Federal Buildings

The U.S. General Services (GSA) Denver Federal Center (DFC) campus is nearing its goal of being the greenest federal campus by 2020 with the installation of a 3.5 MW solar array, recently upped from the original plan of 3.45 MW. This is in addition to the existing 1.2 MW solar park – installed in 2007 – and 3.2 MW photovoltaic panel installed last year. Combined, the completed project hovers around 7 MWs of clean energy and will generate 15 percent of the campus’ electrical needs annually.

The first solar park was installed in 2007 and contains 6,192 solar panels at the 624-acre campus in Lakewood, Colorado. GSA received additional funding for an additional 7 mW of photovoltaics. Susan Damour, GSA Rocky Mountain Regional Administrator, stated that the “GSA has made great strides over the years reducing energy consumption in buildings and we are well under way in turning our vision of becoming the greenest campus by 2020 into a reality.”

Solar Panels on Denver Federal Center

image via E Light Wind and Solar

This led to a partnership with E Light Wind and Solar Inc. to install additional panels across the DFC campus in two phases. The first phase completed at the end of 2010 and provided 3.2 MW of solar energy via 14,612 roof-mounted, 224-watt solar panels. The final phase of the project will install the remaining 3.5 MW of photovoltaics and is scheduled for completion at the end of this year.

E Light Wind and Solar, in its role as project developer, looks to have partnered with other domestic companies in the build out. For example, in the final phase, the company is installing 14,352 245-watt solar panels manufactured by SolarWorld at its factories in Camarillo, Calif., and Hillsboro, Ore., as well as products from other U.S. technology manufacturers.

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