Solar Energy Comes To UK Business Park

While plenty of clean energy generation is taking place in the U.K., especially wave energy, very little of it has been sourced from solar energy. Some sources indicate that the U.K.’s total solar electricity generating capacity currently sits at about 78 megawatts, a figure that is said to represent just 0.1% of the U.K.’s electricity production. While that may be the case now, it would appear that solar generated power in the region could soon be on the rise in a major way.

According to a recent statement, it would seem a business park located in Wallingford, Oxfordshire is now producing the equivalent of 25% of its electrical needs from a new solar array.

WMECo Silver Lake Solar Project

image via WMECo

The Howbery Park Estates is said to be home to over 1,000 employees working for 20 different businesses. Now the workers’  business park is outfitted with about 3,000 solar panels with a rated capacity of 748kWp. The array is expected to generate about 682 megawatt hours of clean electricity annually.

The ground mounted solar array is said to be one of the first of its kind in the U.K. to feed electricity into the national grid through the government’s relatively new feed-in-tariff program.

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