Home Solar Provider Moves Into Maryland

As solar power goes mainstream, more people are looking to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint with a rooftop system – only to find the cost can be prohibitive. That dilemma has given rise to companies like SunRun, which recently announced it was expanding into Maryland with its program that keeps home-solar costs down by owning, maintaining and insuring the panels itself, while the homeowner pays only a fixed monthly rate.

SunRun said it operates in nine states and has more than 11,00 customers. In Maryland, the company has partnered with Greenspring Energy, a mid-Atlantic region installer, and Standard Solar, a nationwide provider of full-service development, installation and financing of solar electric systems for residential, commercial, government and utility customers.

Home Solar

image via SunRun

SunRun said government incentives for solar installation were a key to the viability of its business. CEO and co-founder Edward Fenster cited the 1603 Treasury Grant Program as particularly important in allowing SunRun to offer competitive prices for rooftop systems.

At the state level, Governor Martin O’Malley cheered SunRun’s move into Maryland. “With rooftop solar we can move the state toward a more sustainable future without investing significant capital costs in infrastructure,” he said.

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