Solar Window Concept Lacks Clarity

We at Earthtechling are, on a daily basis, exposed to a lot of design concepts. Some of them are clever, others flat out ingenious and others still are just plain ridiculous. Let’s file this one under: could use some more work.

The three designers (yes, three) that worked on this project call their concept “Solar Window“. If that idea sounds familiar, it may be because we’ve covered plenty of actual, functioning solar window products over the last couple of years-take these new tinted solar windows, for instance.  This idea seems to be a little different, though.

image via Yanko Design

Rather than have the energy generated by the integrated solar cells routed to an inverter for immediate use or directly into the grid, this design proposes that appliances run directly off the solar window’s power; a tea kettle, toaster  or blender, perhaps. Or, maybe it could conveniently charge a cell phone while serving the added purpose of keeping passengers from being sucked right out of a airplane as a window in an airliner. The potential applications are (almost) endless.

However, it would seem that the design could stand a little refining. Foremost, expectations should probably be set for said window to be  semi-transparent, at least for now. Also, as one of the images suggests, it appears devices would need to run off DC power, which is fine by us, but we’ll need some DC toasters and tea kettles too, please. There is another image of a solar window with power receptacles built in to the bottom and perhaps an inverter could be snuck in to the design as a window sill, but that may stand to take away for the design’s intended seamless integration.

Love it or hate it, the images do tend to spark the imagination and that is rarely a bad thing.

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