Solar Powered Coffee Roaster Seeks Funding

Attention all coffee drinkers: you can help Michael and David Hartkop of Solar Roast Coffee develop a next generation solar powered coffee roaster, bring it to commercial production, and make the plans available to solar enthusiasts everywhere, all for a buck.

Of course, you can contribute more — but one dollar is the minimum pledge at Kickstarter, a website that gives small businesses and organizations the power to raise start up cash via small, people-powered donations. So far, the Helios 5 solar coffee roaster has raised over $2,400 of its $20,000 goal; if the remainder of the funds necessary to develop the technology haven’t been pledged by the project’s July 4 deadline, all pledges will be returned.

Solar Roast Coffee

image via Solar Roast Coffee

Based on the “power tower” systems used for generating electricity used in the deserts of California and Spain, the advancement represented by the Helios 5 over the Hartkop brothers’ previous solar coffee roasters is that the system can be installed on the roof of an urban building, and used to provide heat to a roaster on the floor below. (Uses for this heat may extend beyond roasting coffee, as well.)

If the project raises enough capital through Kickstarter, the Hartkop brothers will not only work to bring the technology into commercial production, but make plans for the Helios 5 data to publicly available through the Open Solar Project. You can contribute towards the project online.

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