Solar Powered Boat Crossing Atlantic Ocean

Greg Frucci, a fifty-something former architect turned amateur filmmaker, is looking to set sail soon on a thirty-day solo adventure from Wilmington, North Carolina to Lisbon, Portugal using a solar powered boat. Frucci somewhat courageously, or perhaps arrogantly, stated, “The sun will supply the energy, the sea will provide fresh fish.”

Frucci’s journey seeks to highlight sustainable practices, which hopefully will get him through the tough trip ahead. The 3,779 mile-route, including stops in Bermuda and the Azores Islands, is being documented by cameras that are also being supplied by solar energy, and will be the basis of footage for a movie Frucci is making called “Changing Course,” that he says is a non-fiction feature about a man on soul-searching journey.

image via Greg Frucci

Frucci is no strange to being on screen, as we’ve found a trailer of project called “Slim’s Revenge” in which the solar sailor plays a black-ops agent named Slim Pickens who is sent to Chile to hunt an alien that crashed into the jungle and killed a team of Navy SEALS. And no, we’re not kidding. But yes, you should totally watch it.

The solar powered technology for the boat, dubbed “Cuddy,” was provided by Cape Fear Solar Systems. Interested parties can track Frucci’s progress once he sets off, which should be any day now, just as soon as the weather is right. We wish him the best of the luck, and a safe travel.

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  • Greg Frucci left the shores of Wilmington, NC on Thursday, June 9th.u00a0 Yesterday, he got caught in a big storm, but he made it through and is continuing to his first stop – Bermuda.u00a0 So far he has been able to catch his meals.u00a0 Caught a Mahi, the first day out.u00a0

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