New Not Cheap Solar Hybrid Yacht Available

The number of times the EarthTechling staff has shouted to one another across the bow of our impressive collection of yachts about needing to be more environmentally friendly is practically uncountable. We’ve seen several concepts that have made our monocles fog-up, one inspired by Audi, one that uses both wind and solar power, and one that was stylishly designed. But our vast blogging fortune has been wallet-heavy with dreams of hosting the world’s first green yacht party, until now.

Thanks to the photovoltaic module company BISOL and the luxury boat manufacturer Seaway, we now have a chance to purchase our very own fleet of Greenline 33 yachts that are powered by a solar hybrid system. By jove, just take a gander at the ocean ready beauty in the photo below.

Solar Hybrid Yacht Greenline BRISOL

image via Greenline

Not quite a solar boat, the Greenline 33 hybrid can only run in all-electric mode off of the solar power for a limited amount of time. the boat is capable of storing and using the sun’s power. It is said that while the sun is shining, the boat can do up to three knots of speed without consuming the lithium battery pack. By consuming the battery, the boat can achieve 5.5 knots of speed on electric only. Range is 20 nautical miles at four knots of speed. Also, Seaway claims the unit burns four times less fossil fuel than comparable models, reducing pollutants by 75%. Good show, old chaps!

Currently, EarthTechling is hosting a drive to purchase a small army of the boats, which only cost around $170,000 a piece, for our previously stated green yacht party. Don’t worry, you’re invited. Simply email someone at this site with your donation and we’ll work out arrangements for the guest list – black tie only, of course.

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    Chloe Fernagut

    Very interesting boat, quite small but with all the necessary equipment, and eco-friendly !nnWe sea-trialed her and uploaded the video on Youtube for those who are interested:u00a0

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