Green Prefab Classroom Powered By Solar

As classroom sizes fluctuate and schools struggle with funding, modular classrooms have become increasingly popular. These structures tend to come with challenges both the environment and human health, though, which has given rise to a number of green builders seeking to reach the market with greenfab versions, such as Sproutspace and the Gen7 classroom. The latest to cross our desk is the net-zero Green Apple classroom.

This relocatable classroom  is notable in that it’s powered by thin film solar cells on its roof, which–under a net metering arrangement with the local power utility–allows it to produce more energy than it consumes. Extreme energy efficiency keeps the classroom’s demands on its power system at a minimum, combining an advanced HVAC unit with efficient lights and increased insulation.

Green Apple modular classroom

image via Green Apple

The Green Apple classroom was designed in California, and clearly developed for the California public school market, as its manufacturer takes the time to point out that $22.3 million in energy costs could be saved if the state were to replace just a quarter of its current portable fleet with Green Apple classrooms, avoiding over 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

In addition to its net zero super-powers, the Green Apple classroom is also being touted an affordable green solution–largely, it seems, because the design has already been approved by the California Division of State Architect, negating “the need to endure the time and expense of the Public Bidding Process.”

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    Paul Byrne

    Thank you for the article.nI’d be happy to talk w/ you about the market for Green Portable Classrooms in the US.nPaul Byrne, Architect LEED AP,nPresident of Green Apple Classrooms of CA Inc

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