Solar Wristwatch Concept Cuts Stress

Spheral solar cells are tiny, elegant, and can be assembled on any flexible surface–so why not turn them into power for a stylish, eco watch?

The wristband of the solar powered Diana watch concept by Tommaso Ceschi (which comes to us by way of Tuvie) is composed completely of these high efficiency spheral solar cells–which capture light from all the directions–aligned on a flexible plastic film.

Diana watch

image via Tuvie

Wondering where the minute hand is hiding on this watch face? Actually, there isn’t one, as the Diana watch was designed to help beat modern stress with a longer view of time, as shown in the passing of the seasons, illustrated by the stars in the background. (And if you really do need to know exactly whether or not you’re going to make the bus, however, the hour, minutes and seconds are available by simply changing the screen graphic visualization.)

In theory, this wristwatch could run forever, not unlike the original sustainable, solar powered clock, the sundial.

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    u00a0Great invention here. Its very important for people to check time. But I guess this one is expensive. great style and powered by solar cells. Great thing it uses green energy. Hope to have one.nnGreat post.

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