Solar Address Numbers Illuminate Locale

By now most of us are probably familiar with solar garden lights. The product idea has taken many forms including lamps, flowers, fountains and even rocks which purport to help light paths, highlight garden spaces and generally heighten the aesthetic of your outdoor spaces. Here’s another solar powered, bright idea for the home: Solar LED address numbers.

As any frustrated pizza delivery driver will tell you, invisible address numbers can make for a frustrating time finding a home. Perhaps these solar address numbers available through ThinkGeek could put an end to cold pizzas and lost friends for those that live in dark neighborhoods.

Solar LED Address

image via ThinkGeek

The hardware needed for mounting the anodized aluminum, LED back-lit numbers is included. According to the product specs, the number plate extends from the mounting surface by about 1 inch. The numerals themselves measure in at 3.5″ high and are cut into 3/32″ anodized aluminum. The entire panel measures 6 1/8″ H x 3 1/2″ W x 1 3/8″ D.

When the sun goes down, the led lights mounded behind and above the numerals are automatically engaged. Provided the built-in solar panels get direct and extended sun exposure, the solar-rechargeable batteries are reportedly capable of lighting the sign for 8-10 hours.

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    u00a0Imagine having solar LED u00a0address numbers at your home. It would really be lovely right? It can be a big help to some. You could actually see the home number address from afar. Now that are some of the benefits that can be given by solar energy.Great post. Lets go Green.u00a0

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