Oregon Sustainability Center Powered By Solar

A private gathering was held at the Umpqua Bank Innovation Lab in the South Waterfront district of Portland recently to announce two developments relating to the ongoing planning for the Oregon Sustainability Center. Umpqua Bank announced it has committed to leasing a space in the building for a new banking branch and it was also disclosed that Sanyo/Inspec will provide the solar power generation system for the building, which is to be located at SW Fourth Avenue and SW Montgomery Street, next to Portland State University’s campus.

Sanyo Solar of Oregon operates a manufacturing plant in Salem which is said to employ 200 Oregonians. The plant will produce the solar wafers for the Sanyo HIT solar panels that will be used in a photovoltaic (PV) system at the building. The solar power system will be designed, managed and installed by the Inspec Group and is expected to have a generating capacity of 679 kilowatts. The planned solar system will also reportedly use a Sanyo 30 kilowatt-hour, heavy duty lithium-ion rechargeable battery storage system.

image via Oregon Sustainability Center

The Oregon Sustainability Center is currently expected to be completed sometime in the beginning of 2013. The center is meant to be a “home to Oregon’s leaders in sustainable business, government, and education”  and is said to have been designed to be the greenest high-rise ever built.

Building plans reportedly call for locally-sourced building  materials, independent  energy generation systems and methods of collecting and treating water on-site.  When complete, the center is expected to qualify for Living Building Challenge certification, which requires meeting net-zero energy and water performance and the use of toxin free, locally-sourced materials.

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