Sun Jars Help Kids Capture Solar Power

Many are the children who grew up collecting lighting bugs in a jar. ThinkGeek takes that tradition one step further by allowing kids to capture sunlight in a jar, via solar power.

The Sun and Moon Jars resemble traditional jam jars with pop-top lids, with a twist: those lids house highly efficient solar cells, rechargeable batteries and low energy LEDs. You and your child make sure the jar gets placed in direct sun during the day–at night, you’ll have the pleasure of watching his or her face light up, literally, when the LED lamp inside the jar turns on. (There’s also an automatic shut-off switch, should you wish to conserve battery.)

Sun Jar

image via ThinkGeek

These jars come in three variations–Sun Jar (yellow), Moon Jar (blue), and Pink Moon (you guessed it). They are weatherproof and can be left outside on the patio (or even the tree house) for extended periods of time, or taken inside for use as a nightlight.

These jars make use of a standard AA rechargeable battery (replaceable) and retail for $34.99 from ThinkGeek.

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    Kieran Mullen

    They still cost too much for what they are.

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    energy control

    It will undoubtedly raise a lot of awareness of the potential of solar energy for the youth of tomorrow.nWe like raising awareness.nu00a0

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