Sierra Club’s Calico Solar Suit Tossed

The Sierra Club has apparently lost its lawsuit against the Calico Solar project. The California State Supreme Court recently tossed it out after it had been filed last January.

The suit was based on the plaintiff’s claim that the California Energy Commission didn’t properly approve the project and neglected to consider the potential impact that building the facility would have on plants and animals in the area.

Concentrating Solar Dish

image via Sterling Energy

The court’s decision comes soon after a similar decision was reached in regards to the Ivanpah solar facility, which was also being sued over environmental concerns that allegedly were a byproduct of  rushed approval for the project.

The Calico facility, located on 4,613 acres of BLM land in the San Bernardino valley, is hoped to one day produce somewhere around 663 megawatts of power once finished. The project, however, has been fraught with problems that have stifled progress. Last December, just before the lawsuit was brought against Calico, the project had to ditch Tessera Solar in favor of K Road Power. K Road has since decided not to go forward with Tessera’s original plan to use concentrating solar dishes and use primarily  PV modules instead.

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