One Block Off The Grid Expands Solar

The last time we covered the work of One Block Off The Grid (OBOTG), the organization was bringing its discount solar deals to residents of Philadelphia as the area underwent the first electricity rate hikes in 10 years. Now, according to a recent announcement, OBOTG is expanding its outreach in what it says is its biggest market launch to date. Residents of Massachusetts, Maryland, and California’s Central Valley will soon be able to take advantage of OBOTG’s group discounts for the first time. New Jersey and Los Angeles, who have seen OBOTG pass through before, will see OBOTG return to their areas as well.

OBOTG aims to make solar installation easier and less expensive by purchasing solar power systems in bulk and passing the savings on to interested buyers. By arranging discount contracts with installers in the areas they serve, it is able to coordinate everything for the home or small business owner right down to the final installation details. The goal, according to One Block CEO and founder Dave Llorens is  “to take the hassle out of going solar for everyone involved,” by wrapping the entire process up in a “nicely discounted package.”


image via One Block Off the Grid

In addition to its group discounts, OBOTG is presenting residents of Massachusetts, Los Angeles, and New Jersey with new solar leasing options that help with the upfront costs of going solar.

OBOTG generally operates in areas where electricity rates are high and incentive programs for going solar are in place, but Llorens sees that there is “room for bigger things” since the public is increasingly going green as they begin to understand the economic benefits of green choices more deeply in addition to the environmental and public safety benefits. Presently, OBOTG is running discount programs in Maryland, Massachusetts, Long Island, and New Jersey, as well as thePhiladelphia metro area, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Atlanta, and California’s Central Valley.

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