New USB Drive Does The Solar Power Thing

Take a USB drive. Slap a solar panel on it. Make it compatible with a range of popular portable devices for recharging them. What do you get? Well, if you are in India, you get the new Solmate Fusion USB drive with an embedded solar power.

The Solmate Fusion looks like it is only available at the moment in 4 and 8 GB memory configurations. Each one of these two drives is described as a portable mini charger with an internal battery that can be juiced from either the sun or by being plugged into a USB slot on a computer. Charging time varies greatly between these two different methods, with the 5.5 V, 45 mA panel fully filling up the battery in up to eight hours under normal sunlight, while the USB takes up to a maximum of three.


image via Solmate

It is said these USB drives can charge in a host computer while transferring data back and forth at the same time. Also of note is that one can connect a generic USB cable into the Fusion’s built-in USB port to charge a device, like a mobile phone, that normally would get charged via such a method. A variety of tips come with the drive for compatibility with a wide range of devices, with other tips available for purchase separately, either from the company or through various retail outlets.

The only thing not mentioned aout the Solmate Fusion drives are how long it takes them to recharge a connected device’s battery. While this isn’t a huge thing to leave out, it can be important to know if you are on the go and only have a short time to recharge your mobile phone. It also isn’t clear if it is available globally or just in India.

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