Voltaic Premieres An iPad Solar Case

At the Consumer Electronics Show last week we brought you a little bit of news about some new products from solar bags company Voltaic. The company is out now with more information on these products, dubbing them the Spark Solar Case and MilliAmp Solar Charger and making them both available this coming spring.

The Voltaic Spark Solar Case is targeted towards users of tablet devices like the Apple iPad,while the MilliAmp unit is described as bringing fast charging to phones on any budget. The Spark is said to sport four two-Watt solar panels configured in parallel that can charge an iPad under good sunlight conditions in about 10 hours. Charging is handled through connection to the Spark’s 38 Watt hour battery. Fast charging can also be done with a digital camera.

CES 2011

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As for the other case, it includes a built-in AA and AAA battery charger and sports 2 watts of solar power. This offers it what is said to be 2-4 times the power of other compact chargers, for up to eight hours of talk time with a typical mobile phone. Charge time is eight to nine hours in direct sunlight.

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