Concept Solar Bag Replaces Your Laptop

The backpack of the future may not just carry and/or power your laptop and MP3 player, etc.–it may actually be these things, and more. The Androcell backpack concept by Karan Singh Gandhi (which comes to us via Yanko Design) is a fully recyclable, “cradle-to-cradle” design for a bag that can exchange, store, create, and view digital data and perform several useful functions.

The backpack is composed of an interactive e-paper that allows for customization of the bag’s appearance as well as a display at the front of the backpack accessible via a touchscreen on the strap. From here, you can browse, modify, and exchange files, as well as assign hot keys, a remote, or images and videos to the display. (You can also share and transfer information the old fashioned way, by plugging a standard USB device into the clip on the waistband.)

Androcell backpack

image via Yanko Design

Cycling? The Androcell emits light for safety. Camping out? It features speakers, so you can rock all your favorite tunes. Oh, and it also collects energy from the sun to power all these nifty operations via tiny, glitter-sized solar panels embedded in the fabric of the backpack–although we have to admit, we’re wondering what happens if you happen to be cycling in the Pacific Northwest, where the sun is mostly a rumor this time of year.

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