A Solar Billboard To Display Content

If big business can snag attention with electronic billboards, why not the little guy, too? That seems to be the inspiration between the solar-powered Public Poster concept design by Cheng Ya-Fang and Lin Nien-An (which comes to us via Tuvie).

The Public Poster allows you to upload posters, pictures and even video via electronic upload from the Internet or your Bluetooth-enabled device of choice.  This gizmo avoids the waste of paper associated with traditional public bulletin boards, and–lest you contest how green it may be to use electricity instead–pulls its juice from the sun, via a solar panel (elsewhere, we imagine, as electronic displays tend to get washed out in the sun).

Solar Public Poster

image via Tuvie

The Public Poster can also work as a shared commercial advertising space, with pre-set sizes of “e-paper” available for different sized ads. Once an ad expires, the area goes blank, indicating that it is now up for rent. At night, the Public Poster also doubles as a low-key light source.

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