A Futuristic Solar Office For Slovenia

It’s a solar-powered office building on the scale of a campus–or even a miniature city–that looks something like a cross between a video game environment and a packing form. This innovative project was designed by OFIS Architects for Eles Electro for a site in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and makes innovative use of renewable energy sources like solar and wind.

This net-zero project (which comes to us via Designboom) achieves its green profile in part due to a unique solar roof designed to capture the various different angles of sunlight available at different point through the day for the 187 days of the year that sees sun in this part of the world. Interestingly, each construction phase of this large, multi-wing building is covered in enough solar panels to power it, so that the building can be built in stages without resorting to grid-fired juice.

OFIS Solar Building 1

image via Designboom

The interior of the building was designed to be “modern and rational” while using  organic materials. The shapes of the defining membranes formed by its solar roof are combined with insulation and aluminum plates and used as a design element throughout, creating unusual angles and surfaces. The interior is formed of concrete and natural materials like wood, with individual “workshops” built out of prefab concrete halls.

OFIS Building 2

image via Designboom

The building makes use of ground water for direct heating and cooling (presumably via a geothermal heat pump) and wind for natural ventilation (monitored by a central control system and are equipped with automatic regulation). Smart building tech is also in evidence with room sensors that monitor both air quality and the availability of natural daylighting  in order to reduce overall energy use.  The building harvests rainwater and greywater for landscape irrigation.

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